Studying at Human & Horse with a € 1,000.- subsidy via STAP-Budget (only Dutch Students)

What is the STAP Budget?

STAP stands for Stimulation Labor Market Position. The STAP scheme was set up by the Dutch government to help people develop in their careers. By following a course you can grow with your work, take steps in your career or retrain yourself for another sector. This increases your chances of keeping your job or finding a new job. The instructors, coaching and therapist training courses of Human & Horse Academy are suitable for STAP. In some countries like the Netherlands our trainings are recognized by insurance companies as a basis for insurance. 

Only available for Dutch Students.

Age: You are between 18 and retirement age Work situation. You work as an employee, you are an entrepreneur or you are currently unemployed.
Once a year: You can receive the STAP-Budget a maximum of once a year.

STAP cannot be received:
- For a training from the past or training that has already started.
- For Human & Horse home studies, but can only be received for our vocational courses
- For own skills (hobby)

How do I apply for STAP?

Step 1: Sign up for a Human & Horser education or training at Human & Horse. You will receive a STAP registration certificate. You need this to apply for the STAP budget from the Dutch UWV.

Step 2: You submit your application via You have to do this yourself and it is possible again on July 01, 2022 at 10:00 AM. We recommend that you make your request as soon as possible. The budget is limited and gone = gone. You need your proof of registration and Digi-D Code.

Step 3: UWV will assess your application within four weeks. You can log in to to view your status.

Step 4: Upon approval, Human & Horse will receive a message from UWV and your subsidy will be approved. You will start with the training, including subsidy.

You may cancel your education or training free of charge, if you do not receive a subsidy, please report this on the registration form. There are several moments where you can apply for STAP.