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  • Certified program to become a horse coach
  • A complete practical training, in which people are also treated
  • Full support for all your questions and challenges
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The horse coach training of Ingeborg Kiès helps to realize your dreams and ambitions. We proudly present the program to develop as an individual (leadership), with teams, in coaching & guidance and systemic work. Ingeborg Kiès works as an independent trainer, coach and psychotherapist. She specializes in team development and individual coaching. During workshops and personal or team coaching, she deals with all common issues in the field of (personal) leadership. These courses are also available via STAP-Budget.

Number of days: 8 days in total, spread over 4 x 2 days (weekdays). Please note, there is also a 4-day variant, but it is not eligible for STAP. Only the complete training. Please contact Ingeborg for more information and to discuss the possibilities.
Dates April 2023: 08 & 09 March, 12 & 13 April, 10 & 11 May, 07 & 08 June 2023
Dates September 2023: September 6 & 7, October 4 & 5, November 1 & 2, November 29 & 30
Times: From 09:30 to 17:00
Number of participants: Minimum 6 and maximum 10
Location: Kootwijkerbroek
Participation price Instructor training: € 248.75 per lesson day. This price includes training material, day package unlimited coffee / tea and drinks, luxury lunch, storage / paddock, examination, diploma, certificate. When registering, you also have 14 days to cancel free of charge in accordance with the guidelines of the CRKBO.

Insurance: Good news, when you register it is already possible to insure yourself for instruction as a Human & Horse student, if you wish. Until you have passed the exam, you can use this unique arrangement. For more information ask for the conditions.

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Subjects Practical Training

Education Ingeborg Kiès: Leadership > Me in connection with the other
These courses have been developed for anyone who is looking for a deepening or addition in making contact and connections. Where 2 or more people are together, a dynamic arises and forms in which there is a lot of conscious and unconscious movement. Experience shows that making contact with another person is a challenge for many. Insecurities in the contact result in judgments, assumptions and assumptions, excuses and transference. And that is exactly what you want to prevent as an instructor, entrepreneur, coach, therapist or manager.

Something for you?
These courses are intended for anyone who is looking for a deepening and/or broadening in the field of personal leadership and personal development. You are healthy critical of yourself and dare to embrace your vulnerable side. In your daily working method you regularly work together with others, ranging from colleagues to clients, customers and students. You are open to different working methods and methodologies to prevent you from ending up in a self-evident way within your (yet to be set up) practice and thus becoming dependent. Are you inquisitive, do you like experimenting and discovering and do you want to give yourself and everyone who works with you a gift? Know and feel welcome to step in and participate. These courses provide space for deepening, training and guidance from your place in combination with the other. It is also possible to use your own horse as a coach, trainer, supervisor and declarant. During these 8 days, topics will be discussed that you can get started right away. Getting started from your own position in relation to someone else, which results in open contact and a closer connection in which there is room for you and the other.

Keywords: contact, border, connection, emotions, transfer, leadership, place
Working method: Systemic work, Transactional analysis (TA), Body work – psychosomatics
You conclude the training with an exam and official certification.

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Method NRTO and CRKBO

    Human & Horse Academy is a member of NRTO and the training is in accordance with the general terms and conditions and code of conduct of the Dutch Council of Training and Education:
    - General Conditions Consumers
    - General Business Market Conditions
    - Code of Conduct

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