Human & Horse Community

A loving environment for everything about training and treating your horse.

Human & Horse Community & Learning Environment

  • Here you can ask all your questions, share knowledge and seek inspiration
  • 24/7 personal guidance from our teachers in the community
  • All videos of Human & Horse Training & Guasha can be found here in a personal learning environment
  • Always up to date with the latest developments and agenda
  • Network with like-minded people, instructors, therapists and each other.

Human & Horse Community is the place where we like to bring everyone together. A personal learning environment with a common interest in loving horse training and Guasha treatments. So that you can work together and spar about questions in your horse's training and treatments.

Human & Horse Trainers and Instructors

  • Personal guidance remotely or on location
  • Possibility of private lessons or sessions
  • Full support for all your questions and challenges
  • Learn the Human & Horse method from a certified instructor

A great way to learn Human & Horse Training is through personal tutoring. This guidance is tailored to your needs and wishes and those of your horse. Whether you want to improve your horse's athleticism, strengthen its health or are just curious about Human & Horse Training, there is something for everyone.

Are you interested in becoming the next Human & Horse Trainer / Instructor?

  • Ultimate home study for taking care of your horse
  • Complete package of book and access to training videos
  • More than 300 large format pages, richly illustrated.
  • Hard copy book of 2.5 kg Groundwork, lunging, work in hand, riding, liberty work and training on the neckrope.
  • Access to 170 training videos via browser and app (Apple & Android)
  • Everything you need to lovingly care for and train your horse

Learn all the ins and outs to teach horses in a loving way in Human & Horse Training. This program is designed to take your practice to the next level. It takes you on the journey to becoming a Human & Horse Trainer & Instructor. As a certified trainer you can teach and guide others in the Human & Horse Method.

Study via the STAP budget

  • € 1000.- discount on your training to become an instructor, therapist & horse coach
  • Improve your job skills or grow into a new work position.

STAP stands for Stimulation Labor Market Position. The STAP scheme was set up by the Dutch  government to help people develop in their careers. By following a course you can grow with your work, take steps in your career or retrain yourself for another sector. This increases your chances of keeping your job or finding a new job. The instructors, coaching and therapist training courses of Human & Horse Academy are suitable for STAP. These diplomas also give you the option of insurance, because they are recognized by insurers.

Please note, STAP cannot be received for developing one's own skills (hobby), past training or training that has already started. For more information, please contact us.