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A unique and loving treatment method for horses

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Guasha for horses: home study horse care with a unique concept

Guasha for horses is a unique concept for loving horse care. With the home study Guasha, Anatomy and Massage from Human & Horse you have a complete learning program to pamper your horse and create a deeper connection.

  • Complete package of book and access to training videos     
  • More than 300 large format pages, richly illustrated.     
  • Groundwork, lunging, working in hand, driving, free work and training on the neckrope.     
  • Access to 90 training videos via browser and App (Apple & Android)     
  • This home study as a basis is mandatory for the practical training     
  • Also available in a monthly subscription of € 26.33 for 15 months

The extensive education platform is a great support for the Guasha therapy practice training and it is now also possible to follow a home study to support and care for your own ponies and horses and family. It is a learning program, focused on Guasha, anatomy, massage and a number of interviews with frequently asked questions to safely get started with Guasha.

It is a complete home study consisting of a textbook, more than 90 educational videos to master the Guasha therapy in steps that are feasible for everyone. For now it's only available in Dutch. The Human & Horse Academy App is available in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

The home study is the starting point for loving care. It makes it accessible to you. For every horse and every level.

Discover the home study Guasha, Anatomy & Massage

The home study Guasha, Anatomy and massage for horses pays a lot of attention to the well-being and health of humans and horses. It is special to see that this loving therapy for horses has been received with great passion since its inception in 2011. Greetje Hakvoort and Human & Horse Academy is the first institution worldwide to develop this therapy for horses. You can also combine the home study for horses with the home study for guasha therapy for humans.  

  • The home study Guasha, Anatomy and Massage is structured as follows:
    Chapter 1: Discover the world of guasha therapy
    Chapter 2: Getting started with guasha
    Chapter 3: A nice massage for your horse
    Mega-Chapter 4: The treatments step by step
    Chapter 4.1: A nice place to start: The withers
    Chapter 4.2: Strong and supple shoulders
    Chapter 4.3: A neck with charisma
    Chapter 4.4: Moving uphill with attention to the chest
    Chapter 4.5: The back: Bridge between fore- and hindquarters
    Chapter 4.6: Ribs and abdomen with strength, breathing space and freedom of movement
    Chapter 4.7: A supple, strong and balanced hindquarters
    Chapter 4.8: Powerful and supple legs
    Chapter 4.9: Relaxation of the head, pure indulgence
    Chapter 4.10: Overview of the total strengthening treatment
    Chapter 5: The deeper layer: close-up
    Extra: The load capacity of your horse
    Extra: Guasha for the rest of the animal family

Do you choose the revolutionary Guasha method for your horse?

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The videos on the platform provide the opportunity to master the theory. It is therefore possible to choose to treat only humans or horses. trainer, riders, horse enthusiasts and therapists of all levels can get acquainted with Guasha therapy.

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This book is a reflection of the care we do at Human & Horse Academy. It elaborates on the way we lovingly care for our horses.

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The Human & Horse Community helps trainers, riders and horse lovers to lovingly develop their horse. Available to everyone.
€ 395 or € 26.33 per month

Home study Guasha, Anatomy & Massage

    • Ultimate home study for taking care of your horse
    • Complete study book of 3.5 kg
    • Over 90 educational videos
    • Unique anatomical images and drawings of horses
    • Also available in a monthly subscription of € 26.33 (15 months)

Book: You will receive the study book (3.5 kg) at your postal address.
Number of videos: More than 90 educational videos to support the study book.
Time membership: Textbook will of course become your property and you will have access to all videos for 15 months. Subsequently, it can be extended for € 9.95 per month, can be canceled monthly and can also be reactivated for € 9.95 per month.
Language book and videos: Dutch

What other trainers say...

The first time I saw Greetje working with her horses, I was in tears. Moved by the collaboration and fusion, which I have dreamed of all my life. I therefore feel very happy that I have been training as an instructor at Greetje's Human&Hors academy for several months now. As part of the training, but can also be purchased separately, her beautiful book is included, filled with passion, vision and the Human and Horse method designed by Greetje. Greetje also has an online education platform. So that everyone, wherever you are, can train with their horse themselves. The videos are indicated per exercise, are well rolled out in small steps and short, making them clear and you can quickly grab them for your training. Especially if you download the app. In the videos Greetje shows her training sessions with different horses. Which allowed me to find the challenges I received with my different type of horse in Greetje's different horses. So when your heart starts beating faster from what you see Greetje and her horses doing, then the platform is highly recommended.
Mirella Bruijnestein- Facebook Review
I am very happy that I followed the training at Greetje Arends-Hakvoort and that I am still attending the Master training courses. It has brought me so much in the education and training of my horses and I still haven't graduated 😊. Because I'm not next door, I have a membership on the H&H platform. In addition to the book, the videos are a valuable addition, not only for my own training, but also for teaching my students. Very nice that Greetje Arends-Hakvoort shows all facets with her different horses and thus also the different characters and/or issues in the training: sometimes you have to puzzle a bit to see what works for this specific horse and I see that supported by the instructional videos with different horses(characters). I recommend it! 👌 to strengthen these beautiful animals.
Claudia Fontein
When I saw the trailer - my thoughts were - INCREDIBLE and real performance of my DREAM but not not sure if could be achievable for me... I was so impressed that decided to give it a try 🙂 When I started to watch the videos available on platform - I realized that it is really POSSIBLE to learn, understand and implement!!! The Platform is a brilliant tool for all levels of riders!!!! Clear step by step instruction, amazing quality of videos ... I do believe that tool might help many riders to realize their dreams of connection with horse and achieve high standard level of performance together!!! Dear Greetje! Thank You very much for all the efforts done to make it work this way!!!
Natalia Galaktionova, Facebook Review

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About Greetje Hakvoort

A warm welcome to the Human & Horse Academy! I am Greetje Hakvoort and as long as I can remember, my life has been all about horses. Whether you want to become an instructor, are already an instructor or have a hobby with horses, my goal is to make horse training easy for everyone. The basis of this simplicity lies in good communication between you and your horse. Together with our team, I ensure that your horse really understands what you ask of him. At the Academy we invite you to this transformation: of your horse, but certainly also yours! Whatever your level, the Human & Horse trainers will take you and your horse to a higher level. And ensure that you can continue independently. The training courses at Human & Horse are easy and enjoyable.