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A warm welcome to the Human & Horse Academy! I am Greetje Hakvoort and as long as I can remember, my life has been all about horses. Whether you want to become an instructor, are already an instructor or have a hobby with horses, my goal is to make horse training easy for everyone. The basis of this simplicity lies in good communication between you and your horse. Together with our team, I ensure that your horse really understands what you ask of him. At the Academy we invite you to this transformation: of your horse, but certainly also yours! Whatever your level, the Human & Horse trainers will take you and your horse to a higher level. And ensure that you can continue independently. The training courses at Human & Horse are easy and enjoyable.

Greetje Hakvoort

Human & Horse Academy, Hotel & Events

Human & Horse Academy is located at the gateway to the Veluwe and surrounded by rural views. The atmospheric academy, hotel rooms and pleasant seclusion ensure that Human & Horse is recognized as one of the special locations in the Veluwe. You can stay overnight individually or with a group of travelers. Ideal for business travellers, walkers, cyclists, horse riders, guests with dogs and animal lovers. Staying at Human & Horse Hotel is endless animal fun for children. Every day, the academy team is busy training rider and horse. Greetje Hakvoort and her team make loving horse training accessible to you. For every horse and every level.

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What other trainers say...

The home study contains incredibly interesting and extensive information that you can use a lot and can use with your horse from basic to deepening, making it suitable for everyone. The book is also super fine, clearly written and a really nice addition. What I also think is a big plus is the app, so you can easily grab the videos at the stable if you have lost something. I started it because I want to get more out of myself and my horses and I really want to do the training in the future! The way of working with horses is so nice, correct and harmonious. Highly recommended for anyone who is in doubt, you won't regret it!
Justine Van De Berg - Facebook Review
2 years ago I started the Human & Horse course of Greetje Hakvoort. What a wonderful journey this has been for me personally as a person and as an instructor. My horses and I have both grown enormously! We have totally found ourselves in this great way of training with respect for humans and animals! We are finding more and more depth and even after completing the course I will remain connected to the Human & Horse Academy by following Master training courses so that I can continue to develop in training humans and horses. I recommend everyone to follow this training and / or the beautiful online platform to gain a better understanding of the correct and harmonious training of horses and to strengthen the bond with these beautiful animals 🦄
Jonika Zwetsloot - Google Review
Human & Horse appreciates Harmony the most and you will notice that. A home for everyone, all horses are happy and calm and the surroundings are beautiful.
Lana Van Beelen