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The home study contains incredibly interesting and extensive information that you can use a lot and can use with your horse from basic to deepening, making it suitable for everyone. The book is also super fine, clearly written and a really nice addition. What I also think is a big plus is the app, so you can easily grab the videos at the stable if you have lost something. I started it because I want to get more out of myself and my horses and I really want to do the training in the future! The way of working with horses is so nice, correct and harmonious. Highly recommended for anyone who is in doubt, you won't regret it!
Justine Van De Berg - Facebook Review
2 years ago I started the Human & Horse course of Greetje Hakvoort. What a wonderful journey this has been for me personally as a person and as an instructor. My horses and I have both grown enormously! We have totally found ourselves in this great way of training with respect for humans and animals! We are finding more and more depth and even after completing the course I will remain connected to the Human & Horse Academy by following Master training courses so that I can continue to develop in training humans and horses. I recommend everyone to follow this training and / or the beautiful online platform to gain a better understanding of the correct and harmonious training of horses and to strengthen the bond with these beautiful animals 🦄
Jonika Zwetsloot - Google Review
Beautiful place
What a great place! Great for a short stay in transit through the Netherlands, but also for a few days of vacation. Small, privately owned hotel with bright, clean and spacious rooms overlooking green meadows and horse pastures. You can have a great breakfast, drink coffee on the terrace, just looking at endless grass and horses And most importantly - there is extremely friendly, kind staff! A real pleasure to be here 😍 The hotel is located in the vicinity of the National Park de Veluwe. You can also visit the nearby Airborne Museum dedicated to 2WW, Market Garden and Airborne Cemetery.
Margot, Google Review
In January I decided to start Greetje's training with my horse Sancho. I could choose to start spring or autumn, but autumn suited me best. So that was just a little patience... How cool is it to be able to step into the platform and start with a super thick theory book!!! It means that Sancho and I were able to make a start before the Training starts, with this you can already familiarize yourself with Greetje's training method.  Super clear videos in which you can follow a step-by-step training plan together with your horse, with even more clear explanations in the theory book. I'm really happy with it, and looking forward to September!  Even now that we have ended up in a strange time with regard to the corona virus, you can make an amazing start through the platform and the theory book. I recommend it to everyone! It is clear language for both horse and rider, and what I find important is the peace for the horse that you can fall back on every time. My horse learns quickly, but sometimes can't follow it in his head. By offering relaxation exercises to him, he finds his peace again, which he appreciates very much. He already shows himself when it gets too much and then indicates the exercise himself instead of becoming restless and impetuous. That was really a present for me!!! And then the real training has yet to begin! I think it's a great start!! Leonie & Sancho
Leonie Langezaal, januari, via Human & Horse Shop
Hello everyone, my name is Sabine Luttik and I also started the instructor training at the Human and Horse Academy of Greetje Arends-Hakvoort 2 years ago. Apart from the beautiful development that I have experienced for myself and my horses, you also come to an environment where you feel detached from everything that is happening outside the terrain. You are really detached from everything and you find yourself in a positive atmosphere, which promotes learning from this beautiful, pleasant and sustainable form of training. During our education Greetje launched her beautiful self-written study book, it was really too beautiful for words. The online platform has recently also been added and I am really blown away by how this has been set up again. All study material is clearly filmed step by step, from the very first step to the higher and advanced form of training. This again shows the passion and love for the horse and you are completely absorbed in the pleasant atmosphere.  What I also find valuable is that because of the different levels and breeds of the horses used, you can also see what you can run into with your own horse at home and what you can do to figure this out. This platform is a gift for you and your horse!
Sabine Luttik, Facebook Review

Human & Horse Academy

I am very happy that I followed the training at Greetje Arends-Hakvoort and that I am still attending the Master training courses. It has brought me so much in the education and training of my horses and I still haven't graduated 😊. Because I'm not next door, I have a membership on the HH platform. In addition to the book, the videos are a valuable addition, not only for my own training, but also for teaching my students. Very nice that Greetje Arends-Hakvoort shows all facets with her different horses and thus also the different characters and/or issues in the training: sometimes you have to puzzle a bit to see what works for this specific horse and I see that supported by the instructional videos with different horses(characters). I recommend it! 👌
Claudia Fontein, review Human & Horse Shop
If you have the chance to follow this great education... Do it! ☀️ Both the Online Platform and the 10-day training at Greetje & Arien & Jolie on location are definitely recommended. You can be who you are, your horse can be who he / she is, no judgments, there is no such thing as a mistake.. Step by step at your own pace, you get closer and closer to each other and then you feel that overwhelming feeling of connection again and again! Woww 🙏🏼 That feeling gives you so much love and happiness! 🥰🍀 Everyone needs their own time. And if you have stopped for a moment for whatever reason? Not bad at all, because you can always start again where you left off. Greetje is pure and neutral. A beautiful, sweet, attentive and positive woman who takes you and your horse into her passion how it could be otherwise. 🥰 So cool! This training is very clear and above all understandable, from which I and my horses have learned so much and are still allowed to do so. It's so nice when the basis is there and you can always fall back on it.
Alise Roubos, Facebook Review

Human & Horse Book

When I saw the trailer - my thoughts were - INCREDIBLE and real Performance of my DREAM but not not sure if could be achievable for me...
I was so impressed that decided to give it a Try 🙂
When I started to watch the videos available on Platform - I realized that it is really POSSIBLE to learn, understand and implement!!!
The Platform is Brilliant tool for all levels of riders!!!!
Clear step by step instruction, amazing quality of videos ...
I do believe that tool might help many riders to realize their Dreams of connection with horse and achieve high standard level of performance together!!!
Dear Greetje!
Thank You very much for all efforts done to make it work this way!!!

Natalia Galaktionova, Facebook Review
We have enjoyed staying here. Beautiful location with everything provided for horse and man. Our dogs also had a great time! Equestrian trails are wonderfully close so you can be on the fields in no time!
Diane Meyboom, Google Review
Had my brother's wedding and overnight stay here. Very well organized, friendly staff and excellent rooms.

Wouter van Elten , Google Review

Greetje Hakvoort


A warm welcome to the Human & Horse Academy! I am Greetje Hakvoort and as long as I can remember, my life has been all about horses. Whether you want to become an instructor, are already an instructor or have a hobby with horses, my goal is to make horse training easy for everyone. The basis of this simplicity lies in good communication between you and your horse. Together with our team, I ensure that your horse really understands what you ask of him. At the Academy we invite you to this transformation: of your horse, but certainly also yours! Whatever your level, the Human & Horse trainers will take you and your horse to a higher level. And ensure that you can continue independently. The training courses at Human & Horse are easy and enjoyable.