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Discover the home studies of Human & Horse Academy

Home study Human & Horse Training

  • Complete package of book and access to training videos
  • More than 300 large format pages, richly illustrated
  • Groundwork, lunging, work in hand, riding, liberty work and neckrope riding
  • Access to 170 training videos via browser and app (Apple & Android)
  • This home study is available in Dutch, English and German

Start your dream today with the transformation of you and your horse with this beautifully illustrated study book. Everything about groundwork, lunging, work in hand, riding and care of your horses according to Greetje Hakvoort's loving training philosophy. It is a complete learning program consisting of a textbook (2.5 kg hardcopy) and over 170 training videos for all levels and all types of ponies and horses. The study book is available in 3 languages (Dutch, English and German) and will be shipped to you. The Human & Horse Academy videos are available in the browser and via an app.

Home study Guasha, Anatomy and Massage

  • Ultimate home study for taking care of your horse with Guasha, anatomy and massage
  • More than 600 large format pages, richly illustrated
  • Access to 20+ hours of Guasha training through your browser & app
  • Everything you need for the loving care for your horse

Take your horse's well-being and health to the next level with the powerful guasha therapy, developed by Greetje as the first in the world for horses. It is an accessible therapy to care for your horse and pony with a powerful and profound treatment. Anatomy and massage techniques are extensively covered in this beautifully illustrated book of 3.5 kg. In addition, you get access to 20+ hours of videos. The book is only available in Dutch at the moment. English version is coming soon. 

Home study Guasha: Human Therapy

  • Ultimate home study for taking care of yourself, family and clients
  • More than 500 large format pages, richly illustrated
  • Access 20+ hours of Guasha training for humans through your browser & App
  • Everything you need to take loving care of yourself and others

Your inner purpose is to take care of yourself and others. It's that simple. You have this wish in common with all other people on the planet. Guasha is extremely suitable as a treatment method to take care of yourself and  others. Ten years ago we started Guasha therapy for people. Since then it has been applied in many disciplines and we have been able to train many therapists. This home study is the basis for treating people, but you will also experience the effect of this therapy yourself, so  you can also treat your horse in a better way. The home study is again illustrated in a book of 2.5 kg. In addition, you get access to 20+ hours of videos. English version is coming soon. 

Study via the STAP budget

    • € 1000.- discount on your training to become an instructor, therapist & horse coach
    • Improve your job skills or grow into a new work position.

    STAP stands for Stimulation Labor Market Position in the Netherlands. The STAP scheme was set up by the Dutch government to help people develop in their careers. By following a course you can grow with your work, take steps in your career or retrain yourself for another sector. This increases your chances of keeping your job or finding a new job. The instructors, coaching and therapist training courses of Human & Horse Academy are suitable for STAP. In some countries our trainings are recognized by insurance companies as a basis for insurance. 

    Please note, STAP cannot be received for developing one's own skills (hobby), past training or training that has already started. For more information, please contact us.