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Welcome to Human & Horse Heart Stud. Horse Love is at the heart of both what we do and how we do it. Our mission is simple: to bring happiness to people and horses by bringing them together. We do this on the one hand through our breeding program, but also by putting you in touch with reliable breeders within our network.

The emphasis is on health, friendliness and character. These values are a start for a lifelong friend for life. We screen every horse member of our Heart Stud for health, behavior and welfare.  That is the basic condition of Human & Horse Heart Stud. This website is a good starting point for your search, but we always encourage you to meet the ponies, horses and our breeding stallion Nevada in person at our location and follow them on our social media channels.

Do not hesitate to request more information. We regularly have dotted foals and young ponies or horses available from both our own breeding stud and our network.

For direct contact and inquiries about the availability of ponies and horses, please contact

Greetje Arends - Hakvoort 0031-643542645

Lovely dotted youngsters for sale

At the moment, we have four beautiful foals for sale. Two of them are brothers of our D pony, Magic Heart, Prince Charming & King Soulmate. These incredibly sweet and gentle foals are looking for the right match. They are very suitable for mothers and children as they will grow into sturdy D - E ponies. 

We also have a lovely filly foal Blossom Heart for sale from our breeding noriker white born mare, Lovely Heart. She is a beautiful crossbreed with a South German cold-blooded horse and she will change her color in the future.

These sweethearts are raised at our home in a herd environment with daily contact with us and other animals, including dogs and children

Elvis Presley is a amazing little stallion with amazing pattern and sweet character, he will be arround 95 cm. 

For more pictures and prices please contact Greetje directly 0031-643542645

Experiences of other Matchmaking Stories

Marana & Takoda

I very consciously chose Nevada as the father of my foal. I really wanted to breed a future horse for myself. The goal was a horse that would truly become your soulmate. A future all-round sports horse, which could make you happy with a quiet ride in the woods as well as with riding a show jumping course. One that radiates peace, because with 2 fairly 'hot' KWPN members at home I really needed that, and if possible, also with a nice dotted pattern. ;) I can say on many points that this was absolutely successful. We have a beautiful brown Appaloosa foal from my brown KWPN star mare (Arthos R x Glendale). Takoda is a super gentle, sweet stallion. He has radiated a lot of peace since birth and loves to cuddle. He already really feels like my soulmate and I couldn't have imagined a nicer foal. Every day with him is a pleasure and I am very curious to see how he will develop further! 🥰

Marana Dam
Marije & Joki
In addition to my horse Shiva, I once wanted a pony. Not only as a buddy for her, but also for driving and of course groundwork. But those were dreams of the future... Until a very special pony literally plopped down on my lap in Greetje's herd. How I laughed at the vice and brutality oozing from that pony, what a rascal. Although it wasn't for sale yet (and I didn't have a spot yet), the match didn't go unnoticed. Greetje not only sees and feels the match between man and horse, but is also always willing to think along with you. This gives me the chance to go on an adventure with little mischievous Loki 🥰
Marije Geertsma - Joki