Training & Education

Discover the practical training courses of Human & Horse Academy

Practical training as a trainer and instructor (10 modules)

  • Training to become a qualified Human & Horse Trainer and instructor
  • With your own horse or one of the school horses
  • In some countries our trainings are recognized by insurance companies as a basis for insurance
  • Also for horse lovers who do not want to become an instructor

Do you want to work as an instructor? Learn all the ins and outs to teach the Human & Horse Method in a loving and safe way. This program is designed to take your practice to the next level. When the Human & Horse Method is practiced correctly, it contributes to a healthy, strong and happy life with your horse. As a certified trainer you can teach and guide others in the Human & Horse Method and change the world of horses with kind and loving training values. 

The Human & Horse Training course consists of 10 modules spread over six months. The practical training is built up with the modules groundwork, lunging, work in hand, riding and teaching*. After completing the practical training, it gives the opportunity to work as an insured instructor.

The training is given by Head Teachers Greetje Hakvoort & Ellen Fuld and our Assistant Teachers Conny Versendaal & Jet Van Der Greft (Team Human & Horse Academy).

Therapist training Guasha, Anatomy & Care (7 modules)

  • Training to become a certified Guasha therapist
  • A complete practical training for treating humans and horses
  • With your own horse or one of the school horses
  • Also for horse lovers who do not want to become a therapist
  • Recognized training by Dutch CRKBO and NRTO

Greetje Hakvoort is the first worldwide to translate human Guasha Therapy into a beneficial treatment method for horses. Now you too have the chance to become a recognized Guasha therapist in a 7-day course. This training focuses on the well-being and health of both humans and horses. After your training you will also be able to treat yourself or, for example, your family. 

Year 2 NEW: Human & Horse Liberty & Bodywork by Heart

  • Follow-up & in-depth training for the Human & Horse trainer and instructor training    
  • Practical training, adapted to each horse and level (customized)    
  • Support for all your questions and challenges (community)     
  • Possibility of partial payments

We are pleased to introduce you to our year 2 training program 'Liberty Groundwork & Bodywork' for People & Horses, developed with great care, love and expertise. Our mission is to support you and your horse in your shared growth, and we look forward to sharing the skills and confidence needed to strengthen your bond.

Human & Horse Teacher Training

  • Training days for graduated trainer & instructors
  • New modules and insights to develop in your instructors and trainership
  • Extra support for passing your auditions

    The Human & Horse Teacher Training is the next step in your development as a student, graduate or alumni. You bring your work as a trainer, coach, enthusiast to a deeper level and you come to further changes in yourself with your horse. This is to support the Human & Horse training and for further development after your training. It is possible to realize a tailor-made program on these days in coordination with Human & Horse Senior instructors Greetje Hakvoort and Ellen Fuld.