Alumni & Teacher Training

Discover the training courses for alumni & teachers of Human & Horse Academy

Human & Horse Teacher Training

  • Training days for graduated trainers & instructors
  • New modules and insights to develop in your instructors and trainership
  • Possibility of STAP budget.
  • Extra support for passing your auditions

    The Human & Horse Teacher Training is the next step in your development as a student, graduate or alumni. You bring your work as a trainer, coach, enthusiast to a deeper level and you come to further changes yourself with your horse. It is to support the Human & Horse training and for further development after your training. It is possible to realize a tailor-made program on these days in coordination with Human & Horse Senior Lecturer Greetje Hakvoort and Ellen Fuld. These training days are also available via STAP-Budget.

Study via STAP budget (for Dutch Students)

  • € 1000.- discount on your training to become an instructor, therapist & horse coach
  • Improve your job skills or grow into a new work position.

STAP stands for Stimulation Labor Market Position. The STAP scheme was set up by the Dutch  government to help people develop in their careers. By following a course you can grow with your work, take steps in your career or retrain yourself for another sector. This increases your chances of keeping your job or finding a new job. The instructors, coaching and therapist training courses of Human & Horse Academy are suitable for STAP. These diplomas also give you the option of insurance, because they are recognized by insurers. Please note, STAP cannot be received for developing one's own skills (hobby), past training or training that has already started. For more information, please contact us.