Training for therapist in Guasha, Anatomy & Care (7 modules).

Become a Human & Horse therapist and make compassionate horse care accessible to you, your horses, and your students.

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By our students

Become a Human & Horse Guasha Therapist

Become part of a community and become a therapist according to the philosophy of Human & Horse

Certified Institute

After your registration you can immediately insure as a therapist. After obtaining your diploma, this is even valid for life.

Do you want to work as a therapist or offer your own horses and family more support in (daily) care?

  • Become a therapist for humans and horses
  • A complete practical training for treating humans and horses
  • Full support for all your questions and challenges
  • Possibility to take out insurance with third parties to teach (certified training).
  • Possibility of partial payments

Human & Horse Academy is the first institution to develop this therapy for horses. We will provide the future therapists with our extensive teaching materials such as our textbooks, the online education platform and workbooks for use at the practice days. Guasha is a powerful treatment technique that you can use to maintain and treat both the mental and physical health of humans and horses.

We are happy to guide you during your guasha therapist training!

Human & Horse Academy is the first institution to develop this therapy for horses. We will provide the future therapists with our extensive teaching materials such as our textbooks, the online education platform and workbooks for during the practice days. Guasha is a powerful treatment technique that you can use to maintain and treat both the mental and physical health of humans and horses. We are happy to guide you during your guasha therapist training. For more information, also view our study guide.

Number of days: 7 modules in total, spread over 7 Saturdays. Read more about the content and teachers at 'Topics Guasha training' A group starts in April, June and September.

- March 30, April 06, May 04, May 25, June 29, July 20, September 07, 2024
- September 21, October 19, November 16, December 14, January 11, 2025, February 8, 2025, March 22, 2025

Times: From 09:30 to 17:00
Number of participants: Maximum 16
Location: Kootwijkerbroek
Price Instructor training: € 225.- per lesson day (a total of 7 therapist days), excluding both textbooks/platform humane and horse. Do you already own this? Then you only pay for the training days.

Insurance: Good news, when registering it is already possible to insure yourself as a student of Human & Horse, if you wish. Until you have passed the exam, you can use this unique arrangement. For more information ask for the conditions.

The Guasha, Anatomy and Massage training is the starting point for your ambition as a therapist or as a supplement to the daily health of humans and horses.

Subjects Practical training

Greetje Hakvoort is the first worldwide to translate humane Guasha Therapy into a beneficial treatment method for horses. Now you too have the chance to become a recognized Guasha therapist in a 7-day course. This training focuses on the well-being and health of both humans and horses. After your training you will also be able to treat yourself or, for example, your family. This training is also available via the Dutch STAP-Budget. The guasha, anatomy and massages training for humans and horses consists of 7 modules and is taught by Greetje Hakvoort, Liska Thissen and Manon Engelbert.

Human treatment agenda:
Module 1: Teachers Liska & Greetje Theory: Effects and application of guasha, history of guasha; Practice: Strengthening treatment, shoulders, neck, base back, anamnesis
Module 2: Teachers Liska & Manon Theory: Anatomy and trigger points; Practice: Back treatment and examination  
Module 3: Teachers Liska & Greetje Theory: Physiology of connective tissue; Practice: Arms  
Module 4: Teachers Liska & Manon Theory: Training theory and movement, Biomechanics; Practice: Chest and abdomen treatment and examination
Module 5: Teachers Liska & Greetje Theory: Symptoms, nervous system and segment theory; Practice: Leg treatment and the treatment plan  
Module 6: Teachers Liska & Manon Theory: Preparation exam and extra part; Practice: Total treatment including anamnesis, examination and treatment plan.  
Module 7: Exam

Agenda treatment horse:
Module 1: Teachers Greetje & Liska Theory/demo: Operation and application of Guasha and palpation examination;   Practice: Strengthening treatment, withers and shoulders treatment
Module 2: Teachers Liska & Manon Theory/demo: Anatomy, sticking stickers;   Practice: treatment repeat module 1 painting reflex zones and bladder meridian and back treatment,
Module 3: Teachers Liska & Greetje Theory/demo: Guasha in combination with stretching exercises; Practice: Repeat module 2 and treatment neck and head
Module 4: Teachers Liska & Manon Theory/demo: Palpation examination 2 and trigger points;   Practice: Repeat module 3 and treatment chest, ribs and abdomen
Module 5: Teachers Liska & Greetje Theory/demo: Total treatment and groundwork exercises;   Practice: Repetition of module 4 and treatment of the hindquarters and legs.
Module 6: Teachers Liska & Manon Theory/demo: Preparing for exam;   Practice: Total treatment and drawing up a treatment plan
Module 7: exam

How does it work?

You will receive confirmation of your registration

You will receive a confirmation of your registration with all dates, information and other practical details about your practical days. If you have not yet started the home study, you will have immediate access to all videos and you will receive the textbook the next day. You will also receive the home study for people.

Be welcome on the first practical days

In the first module you will receive a workbook, you will meet your fellow students and we will develop your skills as a guasha therapist.

You will inspire and care for people & horses

You as a therapist and caregiver now have all the tools to take care of yourself and others. Pass it on to someone else. Be attuned to Guasha therapy and use it as it has been trusted for centuries.

Method NRTO and CRKBO

    The Guasha therapy course for humans and horses offers a trajectory for the therapist as well as for those who want to use it for their own care. Your horse or pony is welcome and you will be able to use our paddocks and stables. if you don't have your own horse or if you can't bring one, you can also practice on our school ponies and horses. The training is registered with the CRKBO and it is possible to take out your instructor liability by showing this certificate. So you can work professionally as a therapist. The training is also designed to take care of yourself and family, when you do not choose to receive customers. When registering, you also have 14 days to cancel free of charge in accordance with the guidelines of the CRKBO.

    Human & Horse Academy is a member of NRTO and the training is in accordance with the general terms and conditions and code of conduct of the Dutch Council of Training and Education:
    - General Conditions Consumers
    - General Business Market Conditions
    - Code of Conduct

What Other Therapists Say...

Hello everyone, my name is Sabine Luttik and I also started the instructor training "Human & orse" from Greetje Arends-Hakvoort 2 years ago. Apart from the beautiful development that I have experienced for myself and my horses, you also come to an environment where you feel detached from everything that is happening outside the terrain. You are really detached from everything and you find yourself in a positive atmosphere, which promotes learning from this beautiful, pleasant and sustainable form of training. During our education Greetje launched her beautiful self-written study book, it was really too beautiful for words. The online platform has recently also been added and I am really blown away by how this has been set up again. This again shows the passion and love for the horse and you are completely absorbed in the pleasant atmosphere. What I also find valuable is that because of the different levels and breeds of the horses used, you can also see what you can run into with your own horse at home and what you can do to figure this out. This platform is a gift for you and your horse!
Sabine Luttik
Almost 3 years ago my horse Zodiac and I started with our education at the Human and Horse academy. This was the best decision I've made for the both of us. We've learned so much and really are more connected than ever. 🤓During the classes with Greetje there's a really positive vibe and she makes you feel comfortable, therefore you and your horse can be at it best. 📙Besides the classes we also use a studybook wich is on it's own more a peace of art! The book is very pleasing to read this is improved by the fact that there are a lot of helpfull pictures in it. I use the book a lot if I want to study for example some particular things about the education or the physique of my horse. 📱Now there is also the platform which I use. Watching the videos of Greetje with her different kind of horses is very interesting. The videos are a good example of what you and your horse can learn together. I start by watching some videos about a certain topic and then I take my phone with me while I am training my horse so I can put theory intro practice! ☺️ We have finished our study at the academy last year but we are still connected with The Human an Horse Academy by following the masterclasses. Over the years we have learned so much and we have grown a lot. I know for sure I am a better friend and trainer for my horse and therefore a better trainer for my own students! t strengthen these beautiful animals.
Jet Van Der Greft
If you have the chance to follow this great education... Do it! ☀️ Both the Online Platform and the 10-day training at Greetje & Arien & Jolie on location are definitely recommended. You can be who you are, your horse can be who he / she is, no judgments, there is no such thing as a mistake.. Step by step at your own pace, you get closer and closer to each other and then you feel that overwhelming feeling of connection again and again! Woww 🙏🏼 That feeling gives you so much love and happiness! 🥰🍀 Everyone needs their own time. And if you have stopped for a moment for whatever reason? Not bad at all, because you can always start again where you left off. Greetje is pure and neutral. A beautiful, sweet, attentive and positive woman who takes you and your horse into her passion how it could be otherwise. 🥰 So cool! This training is very clear and above all understandable, from which I and my horses have learned so much and are still allowed to do so. It's so nice when the basis is there and you can always fall back on it.
Alise Roubos

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