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Human & Horse Training Home Study

€395,- one-time payment or

€26,33 monthly subscription

  • Complete package of book and access to training videos
  • More than 300 large format pages, richly illustrated
  • Groundwork, lunging, work in hand, riding, liberty work and neckrope riding
  • Access to 170 training videos via browser and app (Apple & Android)
  • Available in Dutch, English and German
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Guasha, Anatomy & Massage Home Study

€395,- one-time payment or

€26,33 monthly subscription

  • Ultimate home study for taking care of your horse with Guasha therapy
  • More than 600 large format pages, richly illustrated
  • Access to 20+ hours of Guasha training through your browser & app
  • Everything you need for the loving care for your horse
  • Available in Dutch, English coming soon
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Human Guasha Therapy Home Study

€395,- one-time payment or

€26,33 monthly subscription

  • Ultimate home study for taking care of yourself, family and clients
  • More than 500 large format pages, richly illustrated
  • Access 20+ hours of Guasha training for humans through your browser & App
  • Everything you need to take loving care of yourself and others
  • Available in Dutch, English coming soon
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Join our horse courses online

Unlock the Secrets of Equine Connection with Human & Horse Online Courses

    In the vast digital landscape of online learning, few subjects captivate the heart and soul quite like the bond between humans and horses. Enter Human & Horse Online Courses – the ultimate destination for those eager to deepen their understanding of this ancient and revered connection.

    Why Choose Human & Horse Online Courses?

    Expertise at Your Fingertips: Our courses are curated by renowned equine professionals with years of hands-on experience. Their insights ensure you receive accurate, up-to-date, and actionable knowledge.

    Flexible Learning: Whether you’re a horse enthusiast looking for a weekend hobby or a professional aiming to refine your skills, our courses cater to all. With 24/7 access, learn at your own pace and convenience.

    Comprehensive Curriculum: From basic horse care and grooming to advanced riding techniques and equine psychology, our diverse course lineup covers every facet of the human-horse relationship.

    Unearth the Mystery of Equine Communication

    Ever wondered how horses perceive the world? Or how you can communicate with them on a deeper, more intuitive level? Our courses dive deep into the realms of equine behavior, cognition, and communication, allowing you to truly 'speak horse'.

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Discover Transformational Healing with Human & Horse Equine Therapy Online Courses

    Healing Through Hooves: The Power of Equine Therapy

    For centuries, the unique bond between humans and horses has been celebrated across cultures. Today, this bond transcends beyond companionship into the realm of therapeutic healing. Human & Horse Equine Courses Online proudly offers pioneering courses in equine therapy, bridging the gap between traditional therapy techniques and the transformative power of equine connection.

    Why Opt for Human & Horse Equine Therapy Online Courses?

    Expert-Led Modules: Learn from leading equine therapy professionals who share their wealth of knowledge from years of hands-on therapeutic experience.

    Innovative Curriculum: Our courses encompass both theoretical knowledge and practical application, covering topics from understanding equine behavior to designing therapeutic sessions.

    Accessible Learning: No matter where you are, gain access to world-class content. Our courses are designed for maximum convenience, allowing you to learn at your pace.

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Dive into Equine Massage Therapy at our Human & Horse Academy

    The intricate bond between humans and horses isn't just emotional or psychological; it's physical. Recognizing the profound impact of touch, Human & Horse Online Courses introduces its specialized program on equine massage therapy. This course provides a comprehensive guide to the hands-on techniques that ensure a horse’s well-being, agility, and performance.

    Why Enroll in Human & Horse Equine Massage Courses?

  • Industry-Leading Instructors: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned equine massage therapists, bringing in their wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

  • Holistic Curriculum: The course is meticulously designed, covering anatomy, various massage techniques, palpation skills, and understanding the signs of muscular issues in horses.

  • Flexible Learning Environment: Whether you're a horse owner wanting to provide personal care or an aspiring equine massage therapist, our online platform caters to all needs, allowing you to learn at your convenience.

Reaping the Benefits of Equine Massage

Equine massage isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity for many horses. Regular massage can alleviate pain, enhance muscle tone, improve circulation, and aid in quicker recovery post-exercise. With the skills acquired from our courses, you’ll be able to:

  • Detect and address potential muscular issues before they escalate.
  • Enhance a horse's athletic performance.
  • Foster a deeper bond between horse and handler.

Whether you’re aiming for a professional pursuit or simply wanting to deepen your connection with your equine partner, mastering the art of equine massage opens a myriad of opportunities. Trust Human & Horse Online Courses to guide you every step of the way, merging science with the age-old bond of trust and care between human and horse.

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