Teacher training and specialist development programs for trainers and instructors

Teacher training for trainers, instructors

  • Training days for graduated trainer & instructors
  • New modules and insights to develop in your instructors and trainership
  • Extra support for passing your auditions

The Human & Horse teaching position is the next step in your development as a student, graduate or alumni. You bring your work as a trainer, coach, enthusiast to a deeper level and you come to further changes yourself with your horse. It is to support the Human & Horse training and for further development after your training. It is possible to realize a tailor-made program on these days in coordination with Human & Horse Senior Lecturer Greetje Hakvoort and Ellen Fuld.

Number of days: Several 2-days per year. These 2-days can be followed separately.
Times: From 09:15 to 16:15
Number of participants: Maximum 12
Location: Kootwijkerbroek
Price Teacher Training: € 225.- per lesson day. This amount includes training material, day package unlimited coffee/tea and drinks, luxury lunch, box/paddock.

Topics Teacher Training

Anyone who has completed our instructor training (10 modules) has a good basis for further development as an instructor (coach) and trainer with his/her own horse. During the teacher days you work on your development as an instructor and trainer. It is possible to work towards your auditions and to take on extra training themes, such as freedom dressage, free work and working with the neckrope. These training days are a logical and valuable follow-up to and in support of the Human Horse trainer/instructor training and your future Human & Horse auditions. For an up-to-date overview of training courses, see our study guide.

Method NRTO and CRKBO

    The Human & Horse Training / instructor training offers an instructive and challenging process to realize this with your (care) horse or if you do not have your own (care) horse with our school ponies. Young or old, small or large, every horse & pony and every horse lover is welcome. The training is registered with the NRTO & CRKBO and it is possible to take out your instructor liability at the start of your training and definitively after passing your theory exam and audition groundwork. When registering, you also have 14 days to cancel free of charge in accordance with the guidelines of the CRKBO.

    Human & Horse Academy is a member of NRTO and the training is in accordance with the general terms and conditions and code of conduct of the Dutch Council of Training and Education:
    - General Conditions Consumers
    - General Business Market Conditions
    - Code of Conduct

What other trainers say...

Hello everyone, my name is Sabine Luttik and I also started the instructor training "Human & orse" from Greetje Arends-Hakvoort 2 years ago. Apart from the beautiful development that I have experienced for myself and my horses, you also come to an environment where you feel detached from everything that is happening outside the terrain. You are really detached from everything and you find yourself in a positive atmosphere, which promotes learning from this beautiful, pleasant and sustainable form of training. During our education Greetje launched her beautiful self-written study book, it was really too beautiful for words. The online platform has recently also been added and I am really blown away by how this has been set up again. This again shows the passion and love for the horse and you are completely absorbed in the pleasant atmosphere. What I also find valuable is that because of the different levels and breeds of the horses used, you can also see what you can run into with your own horse at home and what you can do to figure this out. This platform is a gift for you and your horse!
Sabine Luttik
Almost 3 years ago my horse Zodiac and I started with our education at the Human and Horse academy. This was the best decision I've made for the both of us. We've learned so much and really are more connected than ever. 🤓During the classes with Greetje there's a really positive vibe and she makes you feel comfortable, therefore you and your horse can be at it best. 📙Besides the classes we also use a studybook wich is on it's own more a peace of art! The book is very pleasing to read this is improved by the fact that there are a lot of helpfull pictures in it. I use the book a lot if I want to study for example some particular things about the education or the physique of my horse. 📱Now there is also the platform which I use. Watching the videos of Greetje with her different kind of horses is very interesting. The videos are a good example of what you and your horse can learn together. I start by watching some videos about a certain topic and then I take my phone with me while I am training my horse so I can put theory intro practice! ☺️ We have finished our study at the academy last year but we are still connected with The Human an Horse Academy by following the masterclasses. Over the years we have learned so much and we have grown a lot. I know for sure I am a better friend and trainer for my horse and therefore a better trainer for my own students! t strengthen these beautiful animals.
Jet Van Der Greft
If you have the chance to follow this great education... Do it! ☀️ Both the Online Platform and the 10-day training at Greetje & Arien & Jolie on location are definitely recommended. You can be who you are, your horse can be who he / she is, no judgments, there is no such thing as a mistake.. Step by step at your own pace, you get closer and closer to each other and then you feel that overwhelming feeling of connection again and again! Woww 🙏🏼 That feeling gives you so much love and happiness! 🥰🍀 Everyone needs their own time. And if you have stopped for a moment for whatever reason? Not bad at all, because you can always start again where you left off. Greetje is pure and neutral. A beautiful, sweet, attentive and positive woman who takes you and your horse into her passion how it could be otherwise. 🥰 So cool! This training is very clear and above all understandable, from which I and my horses have learned so much and are still allowed to do so. It's so nice when the basis is there and you can always fall back on it.
Alise Roubos

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